Thursday, August 26, 2004

Gagarana Street (with snow). Posted by Hello

Gagarana Street in Novo Pokrovka. (Named for Yuri Gagarin) (Location of Charles' first residence). Posted by Hello

Statue of Manas, the Kyrgyz legendary hero

Sculpture Posted by Hello

"Papa"s cement truck Posted by Hello

Charles and 3 year old daughter of 1st host family

Charles and girl Posted by Hello

Durlin, host family's 11 year old son

A boy Posted by Hello

Horse cart Posted by Hello

Dinner music Posted by Hello

Charles (himself) Posted by Hello

Mountain skyline Posted by Hello

Monday, August 23, 2004

Drummers Posted by Hello

Muscians Posted by Hello

Dancers Posted by Hello

Concert Posted by Hello

The finished yurt Posted by Hello

Charles and the yurt Posted by Hello

Putting up a yurt takes a crowd Posted by Hello

Boiling a sheep Posted by Hello

Slaughtering sheep before a party

 Posted by Hello

Winged Victory in front of museum; replaced statue of Lenin

 Posted by Hello

Soldiers guarding Kyrgyz flag

 Posted by Hello

Lunch before soccer (Kyrgyz version of tailgating)

 Posted by Hello

dancers, pre-soccer rally

 Posted by Hello

Young girl waiting for a soccer game to start Posted by Hello

PST Welcome party. Papa is behind Charles. Posted by Hello